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Amazing 12in24 Testimony!  Way to go!
Testimonial time!!!!!I have been on the Valentus products since July 26th 2016, doing a combination of usually just trim then branching into the 12in24. Recently I just finished the detox and I’m on the Italian Roast 12in24 and using the Max spray. It’s clearly not all in the numbers nut I have lost 20 going from 196 to 175 and 16.5" at last count. On top of that I feel so much healthier!!! I don’t get winded as easily, the brain fog is considerably less and my general well being is 100x better 😀😀😀The pink dress pictures were taken on Father’s Day 2016. The mirror pics were taken this morning One question …… how’d I get so tiny ?!?!?!?#feelingfabulous #thanksdaveandjoyce #valentusforthewin
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Wow Another Amazing Testimony with Awesome Results!   The Detox Breakthough AM/PM Cleanse does it again!
Round 2 of the Breakthrough cleanse✔It may not look like a big change, but I have always had troubles with “ab flab.” VERY impressed with my inches lost – the scale isn’t always your best friend. I feel AMAZING and healthier than ever! 🙌🏻
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