Bananas + Potatoes

 I know this may sound a bit crazy if you follow mainstream nutrition advice, but three of the BEST fat burning foods you can eat if you exercise consistently are:



-White Rice

That’s right!

While most people would consider these three white foods below to be “off limits”, I always intentionally eat all three of these foods (especially on high intensity exercise days).

Here’s why:

First, they all serve as fantastic sources of energy and glucose to keep your metabolism healthy and happy.

Second, they help keep your hormones levels balanced (leptin, testosterone to estrogen ratio, thyroid, etc).

You just have to make sure that you follow a few simple rules:

1: Always combine them with a protein and fibrous veggie whenever possible to minimize the insulin reponse.

2: Try to consume them within a few hours after exercise to help build and repair muscle… And replenish muscle and liver glycogen (stored energy).

3: Limit their intake if you’re sedentary.

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eating “white” foods, regardless of what you’ve heard in the past…

The truth is: you can actually eat LOADS of white foods and still get a flat stomach! In fact, if you eat THESE 17 white foods, you’re bound to get a flat belly even faster.

 Get all 17 fat-burning white foods by downloading our brand new free report in a few seconds at the link below:

==> 17 WHITE foods for a flat stomach

To your success,


KJensifyme Healthy |  Katharine

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