Way to Go, Amanda!
Here is oct 13 the top 2 pictures and the bottom are taken today 🙂 our products do work! I haven’t changed what I eat and I don’t exercise!! WOW ~  With A coffee and a trim for 6 days and the 7th off!
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Another Manic Monday Result from Valentus override!This seriously just dawned on me tonight:Just finishing my first #12in24 (Italian slim roast)(first 12 days of it I did the Breakthrough too), and I can’t remember the last time I “pigged out”. 😳Funny … Continue reading

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Wow!  Someone is Stoked!  Here’s Lucy after just one day!

So yesterday was my first day! Loved the slim roast & not over fussed on the trim. Now I know I shouldn’t weigh daily because of fluctuations but I was interested to see if the scales had moved at all this morning.

Now tell me if I’m wrong but this is just madness! 24 hours difference! -3.5lb!

I don’t care how much I don’t like the taste of the trim, it’s getting drunk everyday for these results!


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