I Just love sharing Amazing Testimonies especially ones with Awesome Success!  Here’s Teresa’s Testimonial!

Good Morning Facebook Family!
Today I share with you a testimony from my family….
It started out as a regular text message, the usual pleasantries. Then lead to this;
😐 The Max isn’t doing ANYTHING for us.
💎💎 well, you’re young, probably not super toxic or anything…. but nothing hey?
😐 I have noticed I’m not napping anymore and sleeping like a bear! Seriously, The. Best. Sleep!
💎💎 that’s great news…..
😏 oh, and I don’t have to wear my slippers anymore! My feet and hands are warm!
💎💎 what? No way! I’ve noticed the same!!!!!! I haven’t been using my bedwarmer before bed!
🙂 I also am having more poop. Like, I poop every day! (This person used to be every 2-3 days and had a difficult time with BM) tmi, don’t care.
💎💎 omg that’s awesome!!!!! Me too! Ha ha ha
😃 Also, I had a headache and took the Max, it was gone right away! And…. my period! Way better.
💎💎 But the Max ain’t working for you hey??????
(This person is 19, tall, slender, and eats like a typical punk. Convenience food, easy to make food and isn’t health conscience… but since I’ve started with Valentus, she is slowly changing her ways, she incorporates a slimroast, energy or Immune in her day and always has the Max)

The moral of my anonymous (not so anonymous) testimony?

Sometimes when our body starts performing the way it’s meant to, we forget how crappy it was working in the past. Sometimes it’s good to reflect.

Have a joyous day friends. Thanks for reading my story and hopefully having a chuckle or at least putting a smile on your face. I’m sending you all love and sparkle today and always.

*if this has been shared and you’re interested, get back to the person who shared this with you.*

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