Wow!  What Amazing Results from the Breakthrough Cleanse!  Just look at Ronda’s results!
I am so happy with my results of my first cleanse, down 4 pounds and 8". Never thought I’d post a pic like this but here goes, my first before and after pic since using the Breakthrough cleanse.
A bit about me, I have multiple auto immune diseases along with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism and have suffered from IBS since I was a teen, my stomach would get so distended at times that it actually hurt and who wants to go anywhere when they’re feeling that way. Can’t wait to start my second cleanse on June 2nd!Thank you Dave & Joyce Jordan for these wonderful products and all that you do. So grateful!
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Jennifer says:
So grateful for these products 17 pounds down and 20 inches in 3.5 months  
The last 3.5 months I have been using the 12 in 24 plan. Coffee, trim and immune. I really like the Brazilian coffee and only use a half of immune per night as a full pack was making my heart race but a half a pack works just fine.
No crazy exercise plan, when I have good energy I move and I like to walk.

You too can get amazing results!  And now with our 3 different plans or just with coffee, you can choose how you want to lose!  PM me for more details or visit  then get back to me on how you can order!

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**** Attention U.K. TOUR COMING UP IN NEXT 2 WEEKS!****Tour Next month starting in London on the 6th June, Milton Keynes on the 7th June, Stoke on Trent on 8th June , Liverpool on the 10th June and finishing off … Continue reading

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VALENTUS NATIONAL OVERVIEW CALL TONIGHT 9 PM EAST (6 PM PST ) 530.881.1212 pin 745 112 327#SET YOUR GOALS AND JUMP ON THE CALLTonight’s Valentus call will feature Valentus Double Diamond Teresa Findlay and Diamond Michelle CulbersonTell a friend and … Continue reading

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