Wow!  Pretty amazing!

My friend and fellow teammate, Brandy says!

I know that weighing daily can be discouraging, but I couldn’t help myself!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!! 3 pounds down in my first 2 days!!! Wwwwhhhhhhaaaattt!!!???? Don’t tell me our products DON’T work!! You can check out our testimony group BestWeightLossCoffee and see for yourself that I am NOT the only one!!  If you are using the products and staying consistent, you WILL get results!  Everyone loses at different rates…STOP trying to compare your body to anyone else’s!!  Trust me…I could have gotten frustrated and given up so many times!!  It took about 3 months before I started seeing results!  Then beginning of March I was at 161.9.  Stayed there and then as you can see, I actually went up to 163.4!  Determination, Consistency, Persistence, Motivation!!!  If you have those, you CAN do ANYTHING you set your mind to!! Breakthrough AM/PM is pushing me past my plateau and I am feeling so freaking good!!! I am drinking my SlimRoast 6 mornings each week (sometimes again in the afternoon), and a Trim early evening, and my PrevailMAX I use all throught the day EVERY SINGLE DAY 🙂  I try to get in an Immune Boost, but I don’t drink that every day right now. I don’t eat big meals, instead, I eat all throughout the day…a few bites here and a few bites there. And…I drink water!!!  You have to drink water!!! 

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