Breakthrough AM/PM

Breakthrough AM/PM:  Accelerate Your Health!

FB_IMG_1493113287466Did you know almost all of us have Candida Overgrowth and it’s known to impede weight loss?!! Our incredible NEW BreakThrough Is a 12 day AM / PM cleanse that helps get rid of Candida and other things we don’t want growing in our gut and intestines.
The AM 😎 is your Probiotics
The PM key ingredients are as follows:
🌻 dandelion – natural diuretic effect for toxin elimination while boosting the immune system, supporting healthy blood sugar levels & soothing digestive issues
🥛 milk thistle – detoxifies & protects vital liver functions
🍊 Amla – good source of essential nutrients (Vit C, A, manganese & dietary fiber) that can increase diuretic & metabolic activity
❤️ licorice root – soothes various digestive system complaints & supports overall gastrointestinal function
😀 pau d’ arco – promotes immune function & supports a healthy inflammatory response
It’s so Easy ⚡️ And works so well
Breakthrough AM_PM.jpg

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