Idea of Network Marketing!

Idea of Network Marketing!

Network Marketing
Somehow, we’ve got into the idea that products on store shelves, sold to us by complete strangers, are more worthy of our absolute trust 💔 Yet products marketed by our friends and by a company that’s 100% for both customers and its workers should be scrutinized 😱😁

If our products were sold in stores like Costco, Walmart or Shoppers DrugMart would you be more likely to try them? 👢👗👞👜

When did we suddenly start questioning our friend’s motives; when they begin to share something that has worked for them personally? 👀 Something they are passionate about & completely believe in so much that they have built their lives around sharing these products, the lifestyle opportunity and company with everyone? Let’s face it…we’re being critical of the wrong people!🌟😍💥

Here’s the thing; I am YOUR FRIEND 💃, whether directly or indirectly, and I have a personal story with this amazing company and the products ❤ I am proof that the products changes lives. I can share lots of testimonies from my team and other teams about how it’s helped them too.

I would ask that you trust my heart 💖 & my intentions. I share these products because of the difference they and this company has made to not only me but my family and if there’s even a slight chance it could for you too, then it’s worth sharing!

There’s really NO risk. No secret intentions going on here 😘 it’s quite simple. It’s a healthy, great cup of coffee, which you’re probably drinking anyway.

Big box retailers don’t compare and are a dying breed! Direct order/purchasing is the way of the future and I’m proud to be part of it! 79 million people?! I’m in!

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