~Great Testimony, Cindy~

Great Testimony, Cindy!

Korey said to post photo AND story….well here it is…so far!

Cindy Klassen

In July, I was introduced to Valentus by a good friend I wanted nothing to do with the business, after being in another MLM, that did not end well, (even though it was years ago)….still MLM’s weren’t NOT in my vocabulary., but being a good friend, I thought I would support Teresa, and lose some weight, that I had struggled with for years to take off.

So I started on my 12 in 24 journey……well sort of. It is the the 12 in 24 plan, meaning you should experience a loss of 12 inches/pounds in 4, 6 day cycles, which equal 24 days, by taking a Slimroast before breakfast, a TRIM 30-60 minutes before dinner, and an IMMUNE BOOST 30 – 60 minutes before bed, so off I started…..I had actually already lost 16lbs. by eating really well, and keeping a food diary, (as we were headed to Cuba in a month, and even though I was no where near a bikini body, I wanted to feel a little lighter), and thought that another 12 would be awesome!!

After the 1st week, nothing, then the 2nd week, still nothing, I was getting frustrated, even though I felt great, and my energy was up, I thought if I was gonna lose 12 of anything, when was it going to start, lol…..then the 3rd week and the last 6 days came and went, and nothing, other then feeling better, no change in numbers!!1 And I just chalked it up to another ‘cure’ that wasn’t going to work for this 49 yr. old, slow thyroid, anemic, highly stressed, business owner, so I did what everyone should do, lol, I quit!!

Went to Cuba, had a great time, came back, never ordered more product, because I actually had a bit left too…….DING DING DING……if I had product left, then somewhere in that 24 day period I did something wrong, (and I wonder why it didn’t work, lol)…..then my GF and her upline came to our city to do a presentation, again I thought, well I’ll go to support her, and I was still a little curious about Valentus. They did the presentation, and quite frankly I got excited, I thought possibly I might be able to do this….then before we parted, she did something really smart, she mentioned that she too wasn’t interested in building in the beginning either, but it was so easy, and oh btw this was my bonus this week….it was over 4 figures!!!! Well, I thought….HOOK ME UP!!!!, I don’t care if this doesn’t work for me, I saw it work for others and I saw it worked for Teresa too.

I did tell her that when I do something, I do it, and that it was my busy season coming up, and being short staffed, I couldn’t commit until the new year to build it, because I wanted to give it my best, she didn’t brow beat me, she said “fine, yup when you are ready”. I also finally order more 12 in 24, and started it again, the right way, (as that 16lbs. I lost, all came back on, big surprise, lol),….I followed it properly, and after the 1st week I was down about 6 lbs…..and by the end of November I was down 20lbs.!! December saw another 10 or so lbs., then January, and even with another trip to Cuba, (where I may have enjoyed a few bevvies, lol), I came back 2 lbs. lighter. By mid February, (in the picture on the right below), I was down 41lbs. and am down a total of 49 lbs. today, (and my bank account is up over 4 figures too), with 3 sizes on the bottom and 4 sizes on top, (because of course I threw out the original measurements from July, I don’t have accurate inch loss). I have another 51 lbs for my GOAL of 100lbs.

Did I have some slower weeks, YES. Plane rides, eating crappy foods, penicilian also affected my body throughout the past few weeks and months. I could have said “oh I plateaued the last 2 weeks of Feb, this doesn’t work anymore”, (where I actually gain 3 lbs, but I was on meds, and not feeling well and not eating well),…..this past week I have not drank enough water, so I the weight loss slows a bit, but this WORKS….PERIOD!!!

You can not argue with the Science of the products, you can not argue with the photos and stories on this page, they are real and the photos have not been airbrushed, the people are your friends, co-workers, family, neighbours, etc…. the product works, if it is not working for you, the 1st month, sit down and really think about it, are you taking it properly, are you drinking enough water, are you on meds, more stressed at home or work, did you get enough sleep, did you tie one on, or eating Pizza 4 times and McDonald’s twice this past week….by drinking these incredible products, we are putting really good suppliments into our bodies, that work to remove toxins, and crap that we put in, so it may take longer for some. If you have more weight to lose then others, your 1st months results, on paper may look better then someone who only needs to lose 20lbs. compared to your 50lbs.

The 12 in 24 is based on averages, 90-95%, some of us will fall into that 5-10%, where we may need to change some things around to get it to work better for us, but don’t give up. I have NEVER lost this much weight, or have felt this good EVER!!! Then again I also can not remember the last time I fed my body this many amazing all natural, non GMO, GF, Vegan suppliments either…..things that make you go hhhhmmmmm….lol!

Thanks for letting me share, thanks for reading, I am not done my health journey, but am hoping that this will or can give hope to some who are not sure, or those who want it to happen faster…..keep the faith..Thanks Korey.

Cheers from Prince George, BC, Canada
You may not lose right away!  But with perserverance, it will come off!  So why haven’t you started?   P.M. me for more info!
visit my website at www.kjensifyme.myvalentus.com for more info as well under the products section!
Enjoy the free tour here… www.kjensifyme.valentustour.com
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