Linda C’s story:

Linda C’s story:

I was the girl that played on 3 baseball teams a year, was captain of my bowling team and made the women’s Provincials team every year, I was healthy, in shape, happy and living life……..Then life changed.

In January 2007 I was in a bad car accident which left me unable to work and not play sports as I lived with pain 24/7. Feb 2007, I again was involved in another accident……… not being able to work and stay active etc I started gaining weight. Doctors said I needed 2 discs replaced in my neck as they were pushing against my spinal cord. That surgery was schedule for June 20th, 2007.

While I waited for neck surgery, in May 2007 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Because I had such aggressive cancer, they postponed my neck surgery for fear of spreading it and used that OR time for a double mastectomy. I started aggressive chemo therapy which lasted until Dec 2007, then I was put on a 5.5 year cancer treatment. Those pills had steroids in them… you can imagine what that did to my body. All those horrible toxins being shoved through my veins.

I had quit smoking (for obvious reasons) and the combination of not smoking, not working, no sports, steroids/chemo/pain killers, anti depressants etc etc etc……… well I packed on 50 pounds. I was no longer who I wanted to be…who I missed was my ‘past self’

I wish I could recall the moment when Danielle Marie first talked to me about Valentus.. But because of all the chemo/drugs etc I also now have short term memory problems …… but regardless… Danielle introduced me to this product last January…… I was ready and I craved to become who I used to be, at least physically.

I’m down about 35 lbs and over 30″ in total. The benefits of this product has helped me in so many ways, not just weight loss but with mental clarity, I have more energy, the aches & pains have lessened, I sleep so much better after being an insomniac for so many years and I don’t need a nap at 1pm anymore.

These products work….. they gave me back hope, they gave me back a skinnier, happier me. They rid my body of the toxins that were ruining my body and stopping me from losing weight (I tried everything !!!) ….. I still have about 20lbs to lose to get to my goal weight….. but I’m truly happy where I am today because of these products and the best thing is I’ve made some incredible friends along the way !!!

I’m sharing my story to hopefully help someone… I want to help as many people as I can to get their life back too……. So here is mine ❤

Valentus Changing Lives for the Better! P.M. me for more info!

Take the free tour here…

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