Way to Go, Carly Michelle

Source: Way to Go, Carly Michelle

Good morning everyone! Time to get personal. The picture on the left was from December 2016. I was two months postpartum and could barely get that jacket zipped up. I was exhausted and making unhealthy eating choices. I had my cupboards stocked with Slimroast but being the scattered mom I was I never had time to have a coffee before I had to race out the door. After gaining weight that December and January I decided to commit to drinking Slimroast six days a week starting February. The picture on the right was taken April 4th. 14lbs down in a little over 8 weeks and back to my pre pregnancy weight. I can’t wait to see wait happens in another 8 weeks!!!

P.M. me for more info on how you too can get started!  or can check out here.. www.kjensifyme.myvalentus.com/products
In the meantime, why not take the free tour here..  http://www.kjensifyme.valentustour.com
#valentusworks  #valentusfunctionalbeverages #2point0 #valentuscoffee #slimroast


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