A Great Story from Arleen

Always happy to share Awesome Testimonies when they sound like this!

A great story from Arleen Groth

It is great to see all the positive weight loss stories, but let’s looks at some other benefits to Valentus! I can not comment on weight loss, because I am not taking Valentus for that. I do not need to lose weight. I take Valentus for health reasons. Yes I have a coffee every morning because it gives me the boost I need to get going! Let’s talk about the immune drink! This is the product that gives me reason to write this!
The immune drink helped me to detox my body and help me in my fight for cancer! I am fighting it naturally! The immune drink along with my diet helped immensely to get my body alkalized. The most important part of fighting cancer! But that is not all it does….I was a sugar junkie! I do not crave sugar since starting the immune drink. It made it so easy to give it up. I used to have headaches all the time…..they are gone!
Bunions are from acid…. they too are gone, due to the fact the acid in my body is gone. I was complimented on the appearance of my skin….it’s so clear! Not to mention I feel heathier than I ever have! Joint pain gone … I haven’t had a cold, not even a sniffle, made it through flu season…..no flu!
Yes I changed my diet, I quit putting the bad in my body, and I don’t miss it! I take one immune daily because detoxing is an ongoing thing, not a once in a while thing! Even though I changed what I eat, not all food is free of toxins, and yes sometimes I want to cheat! I am human, but I know I can get right back on track with Valentus!
And to date, I have No metastasis of the cancer, decrease in tumors, and currently waiting for further testing results. I was also able to lower my cholesterol with the help of this product!
I just want people to know that Valentus is not just for weight loss…..it is designed for healthier living. So, if you are taking it for weight loss, don’t forget to look at the health benefits it is giving you!
P.S. I have not had any surgery, chemo or radiation thru out my journey, and it started in March 2016! My doctors all recommend an immune boost and this is the one of my choice after researching the ingredients
Arleen Groth
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