Fabulous Fridays begin with Todd Atkins!

Fabulous Fridays begin with Todd Atkins!

I have posted this before,But I want to say how Valentus  has changed my life at 57 years young,I was struggling with my weight I had a heart attack 3 years ago this August, a 100% blockage in the LAD which is one of the main arteries in in the heart, doctor said I was very lucky to live,with my cholesterol sitting at 8.1 and my fasting blood sugars I was at a pre diabetic stage, so I needed to find something that was going to basically keep me alive! I tried a lot of different diets and was popping a lot of pills, then I was introduced to Valentus by Julie Litke, me being in Australia and Julie in Canada I am so glad she found me, I have lost 15kg or 33.5 pounds that was over 4 months and I have been able to maintain that weight, my cholesterol is now 3.8 and blood sugars are now normal, and with this fantastic Company Valentus I will be In Toronto Canada in 4 more sleeps, so if you haven’t tried these products and you are sitting on the fence thinking should i Join this Company! whether its for the great health benefits or building a business you can be proud of, STOP whatever you are doing and join RIGHT NOW!!!

You too can change your lifestyle with Valentus!  P.M. me for more info!

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Take the free tour here:  http://www.kjensifyme.valentustour.com

More awesome Testimonies here:  http://www.bestweightlosscoffee.com/kjensifyme

Fabulous Fridays begin with Todd Atkin


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