Jessica N’s Update!

Amazing Testimony… Way to go, Jessica!

OK, these are my brave pictures! The first is of me January 25 at 191lbs ,  I was in pain every day, feeling generally depressed, and just so sluggish. I started drinking slimroast coffee and after the first month had lost 12 pounds! I’m now up to 15 pounds gone and added our trim product two weeks ago and this week the immune!! I also signed up for a gym membership two weeks ago after feeling the fantastic benefits  of these products, I feel lighter and I feel able to move! So I am dragging myself to the gym 2 days a week which isn’t much,  but trust me for me, that is a HUGE accomplishment!

I have had So much medically happen over the past seven years ( medullary sponge kidney, chronic kidney stones hyperparathyroidism, dozens of surgeries, not to mention two huge babies, one by c section ) that have made it hard for me to get motivated and quite often sad. I can’t tell you how transformational valentus has been for me!!!!  My mood is good, I’m sleeping well,and I just feel happier. It has been a lifestyle shift 🙂 Love love my slimroast and TRIM. Thank you so much for these amazing products!

I have a long way to go but I’m reaching my goals  one day at a time and one cup at a time!☕️💥❤

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