An Amazing Start on the 12in24!

An Amazing Start on the 12in24!

An Amazing start on the 12in24 for Chloeanne!  Way to go!

I am on day 5 today, this photo was taken yesterday! 😁

I am on the 12 in 24 challenge 😁 and I am loving it!! 💪

I have my coffee ☕ in the morning but, I have it with 2 scoops of hot chocolate! (as I don’t really like coffee) … I do not add milk, as it states on the box not to unless its “coffee matte or almond milk”, I don’t like either 😂 so black chocoffee for me 💪 😁

I have the trim juice between 1pm and 5pm, and then the immune 30 mins before bed 😁

I can not believe how great I feel! And how fast my weight is falling off!! 😍😍 this is why I bece a rep! The results are incredible!! 💖

Are you ready to get started on your 12in24 plan and Start Losing?  P.M. me for more info!

Check out the short 12in24 video and see how it works!  then P.M. me!

#valentusworks #valentus12in24 #valentustour #valentusproducts #weightloss #kjensifymehealthy


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