Congrats to Nicola!

Wow!  A Miracle, for Sure!

Congrats to Nicola!

Our MIRACLE Valentus baby girl, arrived March 11th.   When we started trying for a baby in 2015 nothing was working, my hormones were out of wack, I was not ovulating, I had PCOS, type 2 diabetes and my age was not in my favor.  My Obstetrician said I would need fertility treatments and to try to lose weight.  It was that same month I was introduced to Valentus.  In 8 months I lost 63 lbs, I was ovulating regularly, I was off my diabetes meds and less than a year after seeing my OB, I went back to him PREGNANT and HEALTHY, NO FERTILITY TREATMENTS NEEDED.  I cannot express how blessed we feel to have her and it is ALL THANKS TO VALENTUS.  Health from the inside out!

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