Amazing!  Congrats Gurdish!

Power of Prevail!

Here’s my product intake schedule 🙂

* 1 SlimRoast first thing in the morning.
* Breakfast.
* 1 Trim before noon.
* Afternoon snack.
* 1 SlimRoast between 1-2 o’clock.
* 1 Trim approx hour after 2nd dose of coffee.
* Lunch.
* 1 Trim before dinner.
* 1 Immune before bed.

#imallin #valentus #slimroast #prevail

P.M. me for more info!

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Hi, my name is Katharine. Am a Mom of 2 Grownup Children, and 4 Grandchildren, and 4 great Grandkids! Am a mom and Grandma / G. Grandma 1st, An Affiliate Marketer second! Am a CEO with KJensifyme Healthy | Katharine Valentus Prevail Products: Take the free tour: Managing weight with the healthiest Coffee on the Planet Earth! Valentus Coffee is designed to help you lose weight! BioTrust: Discover How You Can Gain Control Over The Hormone That Influences Practically Every Hormone Related To Fat Loss. visit

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