** WOW Awesome Thursdays**

** WOW Awesome Thursdays**

Just in from Sheri!!!  Love these testimonies ❤

Well here they are!!! The first picture is the first couple of months on the 12in24 program Feb/21016-April/2016 and the second picture on the top row was August 2016. I was 152lbs when I started and I am now 130 lbs and have lost a total of 37.5 inches as well. I have gone from a LG to a S and even XS sometimes and from a 32 jeans 👖 to a 27. I WAS THAT SIZE IN GRADE 10 😁Since then I have been able to maintain my weight loss just by drinking 4 functional beverages!! WHAT…WOW!! Never in my life did I think it could be this easy!! I love ALL the drinks but my Favourites are the Trim and the Immune. The Trim has helped me control my sugar cravings and evening snacking and I get the best sleep ever with the Immune Boost. I am so happy to be able to share these wonderful products with everyone and to help them get their health and confidence back !!

Message me for info!


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