Deseire’s 8 week Update:  I started my Valentus Journey and I couldn’t be any happier. Before starting Valentus I turned to food for everything.  Even when I was full I would still continue to eat. My anxiety was up to the roof, I was worrying about everything, kept myself up all hours of the night. Anxiety can definitely put you in a place you don’t want to be. 8 weeks later iam sleeping 7-8 hours a night and iam going to bed feeling good without worry. Iam still eating everything I ate before just not as much. I have so much more energy then I used to and it feels great to go about your day without feeling tired.  My journey has just begun and Iam excited for my future. I share my story cause I want everyone to know that you shouldn’t give up no matter how hard life can be. Xoxo

P.M. me for more info!

#nevergiveup #behealthy #valentus #slimroastcoffee #smile #loseweight #loseinches #behappy #letsworktogether


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