**SOMETIMES** Candida Overgrowth is the issue!
This is an epidemic because of the diets many Americans have.
IF YOU gain weight (especially on your belly and thighs) and have a hard time getting it off because fat cells are continuously created in your body to store the toxic load produced by a Candida Albicans overgrowth – too high a load to be neutralized by your liver, which becomes overloaded…
*have unstoppable cravings – especially for sweets and refined carbs, the stuff that Candida yeast thrives on
*experience all kinds of digestive dysfunctions and nutrient absorption issues that trigger further food cravings and lower your metabolism
*store the calories you eat as body fat, instead of burning them for energy (because Candida Albicans overgrowth triggers your fat-storing hormones)
*feel too tired and run down to exercise regularly
But there’s more.
A Candida overgrowth can easily spread to your blood stream, and from there to the other organs of your body. Once it spreads, it wreaks all kinds of havoc across all your body systems with its armory of over 75 different toxins, including ethanol and acetaldehyde.
In fact, if you’ve gained weight and have difficulty in losing it – despite eating less and less and exercising – you may be among the 80% of the people suffering from a Candida Albicans overgrowth.   http://www.brainyweightloss.com/symptoms-of-candida-overgrowth.html
Pm me for more info!
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Hi, my name is Katharine. Am a Mom of 2 Grownup Children, and 12 Grandchildren, and 5 great Grandkids! Am a mom and Grandma / G. Grandma 1st, An Affiliate Marketer second! Am a CEO with KJensifyme Healthy | Katharine I am a Health and Wellness Coach and Consultant with an Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Superfood company - Heart & Body Naturals. We offer Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Superfood products for health Vitality, Healing and Weight loss management! https://hbnaturals.com/katharinekjh BioTrust: Discover How You Can Gain Control Over The Hormone That Influences Practically Every Hormone Related To Fat Loss. As an Affiliate I offer various products - Low Carb protein Powder, Pro X10 Probiotics, Collagen Protein powder, Ageless Glow Serum. If interested, send me an email at kjensify56.sbc@gmail.com

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