Kristi H’s 9 wk Update!

Here it is: our 9 week update…….



I have lost 23 pds and I have lost 17 inches, but mine u that’s just in my abdomen, waist,and under the breast area. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍😍. I have went from a size 13/14 to a size 8. Honestly I thought if I could just ever get back into a size 8 I would have arrived….. but, as easy as Valentus has made my weight loss, I have set me a new goal…. that being to loose another 10pds, 5inches, and to hit size 7. 😀☕️💯💖👏🏻.


As you recall at 6 week the Dr reduced my blood pressure medication and thyroid medication in half. Well, I am thrilled to announce: On Dec 1, I was taken off my Blood Pressure medication completely 😁❤️️💖👏🏻. And doing so good my specialist released me for 3 months. I am remaining at excellent readings holding stable. I am thrilled to also say, i have not had a back ache one since starting my coffee. My hormones have balanced out and not a hot flash either. ( no I am not on hormones).
I honestly feel like Isa 40 talks of how God renews our youth. He has used this coffee to do this in our bodies. 💯☕️😇😁

I shall drink myself Healthy-Happy-Skinny.. all while having energy level of a 20year old and enjoying my coffee.

Richard has lost 27 pds and inches in his most problem areas.
He had his appointment with his specialist and got his blood work back, and WOW was we in for such AWE moments….. here is his Dr Reports:
1. His A1C was 6.4 which is 1/10th of a point away from being considered non diabetic😁💯👏🏻 and the Dr said that their goal of cutting down medication had just changed to the removal of medication. That if he keeps drinking the Coffee ( yes she did recognize the coffee) and remains on his course that next visit Jan 12th he could hit non diabetic and come off medications.
His morning reading ( which u can see in picture in the comment area of this post was 98)
2. His Liver enzymes were reading as excellent… went from 161 to 25. ( we have actual documentation of these readings) His fatty liver is no more…. his reading were reading as a liver of excellence that had no damage. ( not bad for a person who a little over a year ago was told they needed a liver transplant) for full impact and information on this please see our video on our page. The Trim product attacks the fat around the liver….. thank you Valentus!!!
3. The genetic testing showed there was NO inflammation, R- Arthritis, or Lupus…. which was a miracle because we had been told it was in his finger years ago… this finger we have actually watch the knuckle go down half its size since starting the Coffee.

Richards blood pressures are remaining stable at great readings and to be honest with all these amazing reports from the genetic testing, we totally spaced talking about his BP medications.

He too feel like his strength has greatly increased, and he feels 20years younger. Seriously. We go all day and into the evening and feel great! Accomplishing all our day holds with work- and Ministry.

I have found that my most problem areas are shaping up and smoothing out 🤗🤗. All from drinking Coffee. Not working out.
We have started adding the Immune Drink at night, for the cold season is coming on and we wanted to build up our immune system. But i wanted to share another few things about Immune… It is great for Diabetics… For it causes blood circulation and helps give you Rest, it also fights sickness and infection and is packed with Antioxidents….

slimroast-pricingThese products are so amazing, we truly are a product of The products… we find each week we feel even better, discover another area of our body is being brought forth into greater depths, I want to encourage you to keep going. So much of what is going on in us, is things WE can’t SEE, it’s INTERNAL.. had we ONLY focused on weight and NOT health look at what we could have missed out on.
I say that to say this, like Jesus, these products work from the inside out they know what area needs built, worked upon first, they balance the body, which in turn causes your body to begin to work the way GOD created it to do so. Good things come to THOSE who wait…. don’t cut yourself short…. every single week something great of some kind we are seeing a result to. But it took building up to…. I am a lifer with Valentus I am just going to say… I didn’t loose that much more weight or inches this month, BUT I GAINED HEALTH, I LOST a blood pressure medication….. Richard didn’t loose as much weight or inches BUT he GAINED a HEALTHY LIVER, and becoming DISESE FREE ( none Diabetic) WOW how much is that worth!!!!!
We are experiencing miracles in our bodies we are living out Tye Fathers desire of 3rd John 2 just like he said when he brought Valentus into our live.

kristi-highwalker39 weeks ago I couldn’t function after 1-3pm. Because of crashing due to thyroid and all hormones a mess and depleted. But today I go go go!!! And feel 20 years younger!!! 😀☕️💯❤️❤️❤️. I am finding portions of me I lost for years beginning to nicely develop again. I want to thank Jesus first of all for giving me a word and prophecy and manifestation of that very word in the handing into my lap this amazing product. That not only is changing Richard and I’s lives…. But so many others, won’t you start your journey today????

We can’t wait to get up to our precious cup of coffee each morning!☕️☕️☕️☕️😍❤️. I love the smooth flavor, and the instant energy I get! What is even more exciting to me… Is the money were saving even after buying the product. How you ask? Well… We have found we are eating half what we were!!!! Yes I said HALF what we were…. I have never had so many left overs in my icebox!!!
Truth is we didn’t realize how much we were eating until Valentus… WOW… We went out to eat and found we both left half our meal on the plate…. Thank you Jesus and Valentus!!!! We have cut our grocery bill in half which MORE than pays for our monthly product! Oh that’s not all we have not been eating all those expensive snack food! Now add that up! Yes we have 💰money in the bank, ☕️ coffee to drink, and health in our body…..

I included my 6 week picture of size 8 and our Dec 1 readings.

Richard and I do drink 2 cups coffee a day. He drinks the trim and we both drink the Immune. We enjoy the energy product when we need that extra boost. We are products of our products!
Are you ready to start?  P.M. me for more info!
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