cherie-kingI have to make a clarification to this, already super-long) post. I don’t want anyone thinking the wrong thing as I hate deception and don’t want to give the wrong impression. I did not JUST start drinking SlimRoast in Jan. I actually have been drinking it since October, 2016. But I was doing it haphazardly because I was sharing packets with others and never really did a FULL box to myself for those first couple of months. But although I wasn’t drinking it regularly, I strongly believe it was doing something internally as it got into my system. In December and January, I FINALLY started drinking it more regularly and having an entire box to myself. The pictures I took WERE taken on the dates shown… Jan. 3rd and Jan. 31, but that’s not when I FIRST started the coffee. I just wanted that to be made clear. Those of you who feel it’s not working, KEEP DRINKING IT… it’s WORKING! Just may be a bit slower seeing the results outwardly of changes going on INWARDLY!
I just wanted to share my results from this month. I have been trying to stay away from the scale because I understand how the scale works – it doesn’t tell everything. So, one could get very frustrated when watching the scale. I chose to do as a few here have done and just take pics. So, here are my results from January 3, 2017 to January 31, 2017.
Ever heard the term, “skinny fat”? Well, here you have it! lol
I am 5′ 4″ and I am considered overweight for my height… actually obese because my weight is over 150. Now, I don’t get caught up into that because I know and realize that I could lose all the body fat, do strength training, and end up being 150 lbs of lean muscle mass with a low body fat percentage.
But as of now, that’s NOT the case… I have excess FAT and while it’s not visible all over my body (arms, upper body for example) it’s definitely noticeable in my tummy area and if you could see them, my hips and butt. I also know that much of it is VISCERAL (under the subcutaneous fat and around the organs) and I strongly believe SlimRoast 2.0 is burning that non-visible fat and the surface stuff will come off more and more once it’s gone!
About my diet… I have not deliberately changed my diet. What seems to happen is this… I eat regularly but I find I eat smaller portions per meal and as my body is changing, I begin to actually CRAVE healthier food choices. I still eat bread, bagels, my homemade biscuits, cereal, I even have a pack of cookies that I bought this past Sunday and NORMALLY, I’d have gone through half the pack by now, but I have only gotten down to the second layer and I still have 2 out of 6 cookies IN that second layer left! lol
My point is… I am NOT on a diet or purposely avoiding anything in my diet.
Yes, I do work out (always have even BEFORE Valentus SlimRoast) but I don’t work out hard. I have a short body weight routine I do 3 times a week and each work out lasts typically about 5-7 min.
I have (pre-existing) digestive issues (that I’m working on healing – TIP: Make sure you’re pooping regularly ’cause THAT can add weight to you too!) and I KNOW that is a contributing factor to my overall weight “issue”; and I’m certain I have candida (which I already have a product for and will begin working on getting cleared up soon)
It’s been a slow road for me but again, I have a lot of visceral fat that I KNOW this coffee is burning underneath the surface.
I plan to begin making even healthier food choices (because I want to and believe in eating right) but I believe that the coffee is definitely helping me make better choices without it being painfully grueling and feeling as though I’m forcing myself to do it, if that makes sense.
Are you Ready to start?  P.M. me today!
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