February in Soyl Scents Aroma!

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February in Soyl Scents Aroma!


Have you ever wished you could have your favorite scent in the color that matched your décor? Well now you can, with “eSCENTually for YOU” candles. Select from one of the 22 colors and have it made in any of our 60 fragrances!


The “Limited Edition” Sugar & Spice Candle Gems has been added to the shopping cart. Available thru February 14th. Layered with Cinnamon (red), Love Spell (white), and Sugar Kisses (pink).


Bamboo & Lavender
Moon Petals
Sunwashed Linen
Tropical Fantasy
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Mouth-watering aroma of sweet maraschino cherries smothered in rich dark chocolate.
Macaroon Munchies
Fresh from the oven scent of delicious macaroon cookies just begging to be munched on.
Orchid Blooms
Tantalizing and refreshing fragrance of delicate orchids in full bloom; opens your mind and soul to complete harmony. 

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