Wonderful Wednesday – Testimony:

Wonderful Wednesday – Testimony:

As most mom’s know it takes a lot of courage to post those Bikini pics so please. Go Easy On Me but if it inspires one person, it’s worth it.


I was suffering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

As a 45 year old, stressed out, single mom of 4! diagnosed with full blown adrenal fatigue.

I was struggling
Even though I had started cutting calories & trying to eat clean I was packing on the pounds & puffing up like a blow fish.

I was
⭕️ Always Exhausted
⭕️ No Energy
⭕️ Craving Fatty Fried Foods
⭕️ Craving Sweets
⭕️ Swollen & Struggling with Inflammation
⭕️ Frustrated as my belly kept bloating
⭕️ Downing SF Red Bull & Diet Pepsi just to have enough energy to start my day
⭕️ Had ZERO endurance tired walking a few flights of stairs
⭕️ easily annoyed
⭕️ NyQuil to be able to sleep then toss & turn all night
⭕️ Brain fog & Cloudy Thinking
No Mental Clarify
And even though I was cutting those calories, adding lean proteins, veggies & fruits, & forcing down a protein shakeI kept putting on fat. I saw the scale climbing, climbing to 147 lbs in what seemed like overnight.

go-easy-on-meThen a few months ago, I got introduced to an all-natural product (SlimRoast) where you simply add 3 functional beverages (12in24) that 80% of us drink anyway to your every day lifestyle.

❣My Sleep Got Better
❣ My Tummy Bloat & inflammation Gone
❣ Bye Bye Cravings & Hunger
❣ Sugary Soft Drinks Gone
❣ Energy returned
❣ Fatty Fried & Salty Foods Gone (didn’t even taste good when I tried to eat them)
❣ Sweet / Sugary foods gone. Can’t even eat an entire slice of French silk pie many know me for lol
❣My Energy Level is off the charts
❣Bye Bye Brain Fog Hello Mental Clarity & Focus

😍😍😍 &

I’m Shrinking
the weight is coming off & Building Muscle

😍 33 lbs lost
😍 My tummy is pretty flat after 4 kids WOW! and I’m still eating things I love, just getting full fast & eating in moderation, enjoying wine and coffee and eating out a few times a week.
I can feel ME COMING BACK!!

Pm if you want to get started!

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