Here’s a success story from Stacy Overton Hepburn!

Thankful Thursday ❤ here’s a success story from Stacy Overton Hepburn!

If I may.. Back in Late Nov but really early Dec I decided that at almost 49 Years old I was so stinkin tired.. and I mean TIRED. To stay awake after 8:30 was a task. I had no energy, I had well of 15 extra lbs. My skin & nails not to mention my hair well it was simply dull, dry.
I have a friend who was losing weight and stated she had more energy. Well that was it for me, I wanted to demolish my “MuffinTops” gain energy and well Get my life back. I am already a Vegetarian so WHY were these things happening.. MID LIFE I suppose… Any HOOoooo..
steacy-before-and-after-jpgI started with Skinny coffee and now I can say I am just shy of my target goal weight. For me it’s really about how I feel and how my clothes fit me. But I will take all the other benefits I gained with Slim Roast.. Hair, Nails. Skin Energy, Weight loss… on and on..
If you want to see a change, Well coffee cups UP… One or two cups a day can be life changing. I know it has been for me. I can’t wait to see all your successes. Picture in Black was late Nov prob around the 27th? Today I took the picture with the maroon Good Vibes T shirt on. I LOV THIS COFFEE…You will too Non GMO, Plant based No chemicals. Sustained energy and No Jitters. Did I mention the elimination of Brain Fog…#SoClose2MyGoalWeight #49PlantStrongHealthy #DrinkUp

Don’t wait to get started…pm me today!

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