Starting out with Valentus!

Starting out with Valentus!

As You are Starting Your First 24 Day Coffee Experience,
It is important to Rid your Body of SUGAR if You want “EXTREME” Results from Your Weight Loss Coffee.

Too much sugar is a bad thing — but figuring out how much you’re consuming is more of a challenge than it should be. That’s because food labels show the total amount of sugar in a product, when you really need to be looking out for the added, or “free” sugar in foods.

sugar-did-you-knowsugar-did-you-know   There’s a big difference between total sugar and free sugar. “Free” sugar means sugar that’s removed from its naturally occurring source (whole fruits, vegetables, dairy and some grains). So it’s free to be consumed in large quantities or added into foods that wouldn’t necessarily have any, like tomato sauce or salad dressing. Unfortunately, it’s also free of the good stuff too, like vitamins, minerals and fibre (which slows down absorption and reduces spikes in blood sugar). As a result, eating too much free sugar has been linked with obesity, diabetes, dental cavities, and cardiovascular disease.

 15542185_10208109896208474_3975501724192046763_nMost importantly of all, be sure to drink lots of water!   The normal is to drink at least 8-10 glasses a day!   Some will say to drink half your body weight, in water or fluids!  Add some flavour to your water!   Whether fruit, mint, lemons or limes you add, drink your water and cut out the Sugar!

Testimonies~ “I started the NJF with my SlimRoast Coffee, I was Shocked when I lost 20# my first 30 Days” Ron S

“My Weight Loss Coffee & NO JUNK FOOD Guide, Has changed my Life, I’ve Lost 38# in 60 days, & I feel INCREDIBLE” Tracy
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