Tremendous Thursday Reviews presents: Carolyn Campbell!

Tremendous Thursday Reviews presents:  Carolyn Campbell!

carolyns-progress-with-12in24-jpgSo here are my results from starting Valentus the 12 an 24 plan I am forever grateful to my cousin Deirdra for introducing me to this program I started in end of June 2016 I tried every possible diet there was right to the hcg diet which was basically starving yourself n nothing worked when I saw my cousin posting pics n sharing her results n story I was intrigued I talked to her about it and was so excited to try I’m so happy I made the choice to do it I am down 30 lbs and 11 inches around my waist n 12 inches around my stomach n same w my chest another 12 inches I am so amazed I struggled for so long and to have these results oh my goodness it also helped with my anemia I was severely anemic and I did a iron iv drip and Tht only helped half to where I was suppose to be at once I started this I went back to dr to check on it and the dr was amazed said I no longer am anemic right then I knew it was from the products that I am taking she was so surprised and asked what I was doing because I suffered fr years with anemia I told her the only products I’m taking is Valentus 12 n 24 plan where there’s three products I take she said wow keep it up you are doing Amazing with your weight loss and anemia I am very happy but I still hv a long ways to go I can’t wait to reach my goal 💕❤️😄😃😊💕

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