Gaston B.

Way to go Gaston!  Love the Updates!

Hello to all Valentus people!

Here is my 1st month update. I started Monday December 4th, 2016 drinking 1 Slimroast coffee 1st thing in the morning. I did it for 2 weeks. I then decided to go for 12 in 24 drinking Slimroast in the morning, Trim (excellent orange taste) late afternoon and Immune  (excellent grape taste) in the evening before bedtime. 

I must admit I did not measure myself but did get on the scale and will see with time how that goes. I set a long term goal for myself. Right away I felt a difference around my waist, my chest and my clothes.
I do not worry or speculate on how quick or how many pounds I loose per day or weeks or else…who cares…I feel wonderful and I started wearing my old clothes that could not fit anymore. Yeah!!!
I shall say that I am adding 1 tsp of Extra Virgin Organic all natural Coconut oil to my coffee in the morning and it does wonder to eliminate. The taste is excellent. I am as well trying to get used to drink as much water as I can during the day. I read that we shall drink half of our body size in ounces per day (if you weight 200 pounds you should drink half of that which is 100 ounces per day).
I have been having major problems, inflammation pain in my left leg for the past 2 years and it is all gone but for the few occasions it is being felt around my knee only. I sleep like a baby at night and got tons of energy and a clear mind. So it is quite a change!

The picture were taken Dec 4th 2016 and on Monday January 2nd 2017. I am quite a happy guy!

You too can make life changing results!

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