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 Husband and Wife Losing Together!
July 11th 2016 my Husband and I got Valentus Slimroast Coffee samples, I was not at all interested as I was “never” a coffee drinker due to a caffeine alergy. I started reading up on the info I was given thinking I need to get my Husband on this because he loves his coffee and is a diebetic. Well he was not at all interested, he carried on with drinking his double doubles daily sometime 2 a day!
So one day I said to him I am going to try your coffee, my intentions were to get him to say He was going to try them too…it didn’t work! He said to me go ahead. So that morning I started with a half of the packet, by the 3rd day my Husband seen the amazing amount of energy I had….he had clean socks again lol yes it was that bad, I had no energy and always fell behind with the laundry…by then he said let me try one of those samples…I refused to share!
So after doing for 6 days. We were both convinced the product was giving me energy, I was not craving, I wasn’t always hungry…so my Husband said order the product. We initially just wanted to feel good as we were always tired an food controlled us.
husband-and-wife-team2My Hubby weighed in at the beginning at 315 he is now 288pds with a total of 27 pds down! I started weighing in at 238pds Iam now 214 with a total of 24 pds down! We feel great! I am sure we lost inches as well, I would wake up in the morning every day convincing myself I had to get out of bed, never felt rested. I had not curled in over 10 yrs an because we feel so great on the product we joined a league and are curling again. I needed a mid afternoon nap daily! Now I don’t need one. My Husband could never regulate his sugars he would be sitting at 23-24 now his sugars are around an 8 now. He no longer touches double doubles he is faithful to his SlimRoast. We feel great! Getting older but feeling Younger;)
That’s so awesome! Pm me if you want to get started and make healthy changes to your life!husband-and-wife-team3
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