Valentus Hits keep coming in!

And the Valentus Hits (Testimonies) keep coming in!

Whether you just drink Valentus Slim Roast or Trim to lose weight, or actually following the 12in24 Lifestyles Plan, you find success!  Just ask Sonya!
sonyaMy journey thus far with Valentus coffee and the 12in24 plan has been amazing! In just 5 months I have lost 28lbs and 20 inches following the 12in24 plan. Which consists of drinking 3 functional beverages that all I did was add to my already existing busy lifestyle. My coffee before breakfast, Trim before dinner and Immune Boost before bed. That’s it, just adding to my water. No diet, No meal plan, No exercise program. ….just a simple plan. With the help of these all natural products my health has improved tremendously in SO many wayyyys! It’s not just about weight loss it’s about a healthy way of life. With healthier choices I have tons more energy and a clearer mind. My psoriasis is finally clearing up. Maybe soon I’ll be able to go in a swimming pool again!!! My struggles with depression are no longer weighing me down. My monthly cycles are regular, light and painless. This is a HUGE deal for me as it doesn’t rob me of life like it used to. No more lower back pain and inflammation. No more migraine headaches. No more emotional eating. Just a happier, healthier ME. It truly is a day at a time but with the right products your life can change dramatically for the good of your health and well being. Ya just have to be willing to give it a try. I also did this without killing myself at the gym…Hehehe! I didn’t exercise ONCE!!! Just went about my everyday life but most importantly I was and am able to do it with more ease thanks to Valentus! If you’re thinking about giving it a try think No more “Just Do It!” You’ll never know unless you try! I am certainly glad I did.

Cheers to Good Health!!!
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