Transformation Tuesday for Tammy Johnson!!

Transformation Tuesday for Tammy Johnson!!

Way to go, Tammy!

What we absolutely love are when we have beautiful and dear friends like Tammy that have overcome so much in their lives and to truly start to see their lives change!  I love this amazingly wonderful and strong friend, mother and wife for not only conquering breast cancer…she is now experiencing success in changing her life and becoming healthier!

11 week update!  I’m feeling so good, can’t wait to have my coffee each morning!!  I am excited to weigh and measure Friday!  I went to oncologist last week and also got results back on 3CTs!  Very humbled to say lab results and scans were fabulous!!
Energy levels are great and restful sleep 😴!  I started out on just 1 coffee a day.  (And I remember she didn’t even like coffee). I got my order in and I am now enjoying the 12 in 24 plan.  I have been able to cut my diabetic meds in half!  

Can’t wait to see where Valentus products will take me.  I am even getting commissions by sharing this with my friends and seeing them feel great!!  Please tag anyone that you would like to see feel better 😘. 

Excited to see her become even more healthier…thank you Tammy for Fighting the Good Fight!!

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