​I have had many people ask about our Valentus coffee and beverages…. one of the most important question is infact the Pricing…  works out to less than $1.50 per cup!

This is in the past…you now have an All Natural GMO Free SlimRoast Coffee to take care of those unwanted pounds with added benefits of Focus, Energy and Amazing Appetite Control.  Make the Scale Your Friend Today and Replace your coffee with SlimRoast “Skinny Coffee.”  Your body will Thank You!!

Valentus Berage Products- Slimroast, Trim, Energy and Immune boost!

1 box24 sleeves$59.95 /box – Save $15 off retailChoose any product1 month supply

********************************3 boxes72 sleeves$43.31 /box – Save 27%Choose any product combination

********************************6 boxes144 sleeves$33.33 /box – Save 45%Choose any product combination

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