Laura Leigh’s Triumph!

Laura Leigh's TriumphIf you thought that this was just a weight loss coffee company, think again. Just read this story of triumph. 

I decided it was time for a Before & After picture. It’s difficult to put into just a few words what the Valentus functional beverages have done for me in the last 8 months! Thirty-three years ago, I developed an auto-immune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The medical response was to remove half of my thyroid. I was 24 years old and had just started my own wholesale beauty supply company. Removing my thyroid and replacing it with a synthetic hormone didn’t help me feel much better. So began my journey into the world of alternative health. I started reading books on the endocrine system, the immune system, the digestive system and discovered that EVERYTHING is connected! I made a vow to never have another part cut out of my physical body again. I battled with weight gain, brain fog and a sluggish metabolism from then on.

Nine years ago, I bought a restaurant/bar and wreaked havoc on my physical body! Too many late nights, too much food and drink and going through menopause found me weighing in at 215 pounds! I did not recognize myself anymore! I hit a wall and stopped drinking alcohol June 4th, 2015. I lost 15 pounds in the next six months, just from not drinking. Three months later, in March of 2016, I began the 12in24 program with Valentus. To say that it has been LIFE CHANGING is an understatement! I’ve lost an additional 35 pounds and shrunk 2 clothing sizes in 8 months! The inches have literally MELTED off my body, in all the right places! And, I have more mental clarity, energy and focus than I’ve had for years! I feel Fantastic!
One of the biggest side effects of drinking the Valentus functional beverages is having random people continuously coming up to me and telling me how Fantastic and Stunning I look! Wow! Valentus has given me my Sexy back! I can’t thank Dave & Joyce Jordan enough! Or my good friend and hairstylist, Beverly McLeod Szumutku, for not giving up on me! Valentus is like powdered WILLPOWER in a package! Just Add Water and watch your Life change! Cheers! – Laurie Leigh

If you are ready for change go to  to order right away. Have a blessed day 😃

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