p style=”font-family:"”>You can make a change today and our SlimRoast Coffee has offered a healthy solution for so many. If you are feeling depressed, stressed, distressed, unhealthy, tired, unmotivated…it is time to change your well being. There is not anything more important than your health and faith. Without your health and faith nothing really matters. Today you can make a difference in the way you feel and look. Take a free tour. Message me for Trial Packs or questions. VALENTUS has become where it is today because of our products. They all work! Some prefer one over the other. Some like them all. Some don’t like the coffee but love the trim. They all work. If you want to see results and feel better, today is the day!


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p style=”font-family:"”>Take the free tour at


p style=”font-family:"”>❤❤❤☕☕☕☕☕☕💪💪💪💪


p style=”font-family:"”>Valentus

Our company CEO Dave Jordan

always making improvements

to our products and company!

Thank you sir!!!

If you can imagine an improvement

to our Slim Roast Coffee … well it’s here!

To become a preferred Customer

Click on my website

On the website in the top right hand corner you will see a red ORDER button … click on this

Then Create an account … check Preferred Customer

Order Option 2 (3 boxes USD funds) 2 Slim Roast (coffee) and 1 Trim

by ordering Option 2 it’s cheaper and also give you enough product to ensure results

Drink 1 Slim Roast (coffee) in the morning and then 1 Trim at lunch

Ensure your shipping address is not a RR or PO Box # …

More Valentus related info

Take a Free Tour of my website


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