As Lindsay says:

The proof is in the pudding (and yes I can still eat puddings)!!!

5 days in to my Valentus 12 in 24 and 4lbs lost!!!

This is amazing 😄😄😄


You too, can become a Valentus success, order yours here today…


Our company CEO Dave Jordan

always making improvements

to our products and company!

Thank you sir!!!

If you can imagine an improvement

to our Slim Roast Coffee … well it’s here!

To become a preferred Customer

Click on my website

On the website in the top right hand corner you will see a red ORDER button … click on this

coffee-to-loseThen Create an account … check Preferred Customer

Order Option 2 (3 boxes USD funds) 2 Slim Roast (coffee) and 1 Trim

by ordering Option 2 it’s cheaper and also give you enough product to ensure results

Drink 1 Slim Roast (coffee) in the morning and then 1 Trim at lunch

Ensure your shipping address is not a RR or PO Box # …

More Valentus related info

Take a Free Tour of my website

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