How Much Water Should You Drink a Day For Weightloss

How Much Water Should You Drink a Day For Weightloss


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The body loses around two and a half% of its water every day, and this rate goes up with exercise and sport. it is essential to drink the recommended glasses of water to avoid dehydration and for the normal functioning of the body. it is also a famous fact that drinking the needed daily intake of water can reduce the chances of heart disease and kidney problems. Drinking the perfect amount of water can also help the body regulate temperature and avoid dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration include headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration.
If you’re anything like me, you probably prefer drinking diet soda or diet Snapple over water. Unfortunately, not drinking water will cause health problems. So the question is how much water to drink a day to shape up? First, I’ll give you a run down on why H20 is very important for your overall health. Then I’ll answer the question as to how much you have to drink per day.

The Function of Water and Our Body

Scientific studies indicate that 55% to 78% of our bodies are comprised of water. So roughly, two thirds of our body is made up of water. Obviously, we want to remain hydrated if we are to keep our bodies running smoothly.

How Water Makes Our Body Function

Water does a myriad of things. It gets rid of impurities in our system, protects our vital organs, regulates our body temperature, is sensible for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to cells, speeds up our metabolism, and keeps our joints lubricated.

Water is Liquid Gold

With all the advantages water provides, I’d call it liquid gold. If you have a headache for instance, simply drinking a glass of water will subdue your headache. Why? Because your brain is 90% water, if you don’t get enough water in your body, your brain cannot function well. You become dehydrated and fatigued.

How Much Should We Drink a Day?

water-getting-enoughSo exactly how much water should you drink per day? The standard answer is that we should drink eight 8 oz glasses of per day. But many specialists beg to differ. We lose at the very least that amount of water daily when we perspire, urinate, or exercise. So the consensus is that you have to drink half your weight in water.
For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, then you should drink 100 ounces – that comes to roughly 12.5 eight ounce glasses of water. If you exercise, you really should drink at least 3 to 4 more glasses.

Symptoms of Dehydration

How do you know if you’re not getting enough water? here are some symptoms that suggest your intake of water is inadequate: constipation, muscle cramps, fatigue, headache, very dark urine, hunger, and dry skin.

Drinking Too Much Water

drinking-waterWhen is drinking water too much of a good thing? there is such thing as having too much of a good thing. While water is essential to good health, if you over do it, you can send your body into shock through water intoxication. your physical body actually requires a certain amount of sodium to function. Excess water can dilute the needed sodium in your body. So stick with the needed daily dosage.
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