My WeightLoss Battle

Losing with Valentus


In 2008, I decided to quite smoking after on and off battle with quitting.   Then came the fast climb with the after smoking binge and weight gain. With the past few yrs, attempting to lose weight, then gain back just as much,  I came across a page for a support group for weight loss support.  I went online and read up about the product – Valentus.

I friend and old high school mate got me in touch with the great resources and sites to which I myself could check out and sign up!
Valentus 12/24 Lifestyle Plan gives you the power to control you healthy lifestyle with a well balanced diet.  Plus it helps to curve your appetite so you eat less. So I decided to try it out.  I have been on the SlimRoast coffee in the morning now for about a week.  Am finding am sleeping better, not have the severe pain I usually got from my Fibromyalgia.  I am also eating healthy, without the cravings and eating proper proportions.   Thanks to Valentus and eating healthy, am on my way to a New and Better me.  The Picture was taken on October 12, 2016 just before I started on Valentus.
Here I am almost 3 weeks later and down 3 lbs!
8169000-pngThe 12 in 24 step for Valentus Lifestyle Plan is:
ALL DAY LONG!!!!  Morning, Noon & Night!
WAKE UP & Start burning fat!..SLIMROAST
Feel free to browse:
I also have my own business as an Affiliate| Distributor with Valentus.  Check my website at:
Checking out as an affiliate/ Distributor:  Sign up and take the free tour:  or
Bragging rights!

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