Curve Your Cravings the Healthy Way!


Curve Your Cravings the Healthy Way!



Curving your cravings is not always easy, especially when you getting close to the mid afternoon or late evening!   Those are the times that most of us start craving the sweets, the unhealthy foods!  These type of foods or cravings, definitely are not healthy or good for your body!  On the Chart to the left, are some healthy alternatives for help fight those unhealthy cravings!



Knowing the Good Carbs vs. the Bad Carbs!

Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs

good-carbs-bad-carbsAre there good carbs and bad carbs? The answer is a qualified yes. Complex carbohydrates are usually referred to as good carbs and simple carbohydrates as bad carbs. The good carb bad carb story isn’t quite that simple, but understanding the differences between good carbs and bad carbs will help you make healthy diet and fitness choices.

Ideally, carbohydrates are the foundation of a healthy diet. Those of us interested in exercise and fitness must have at least some working knowledge of carbohydrates because they are our brain and body energy foods.

Our bodies break carbohydrates down into sugar and then burn the sugar as fuel for our brain and body. Some people are afraid of carbohydrates because they think sugar automatically means weight gain, mood swings, and all things bad. But the fact is that your brain and body must have a steady supply glucose, the form of sugar that the body breaks carbohydrates down to.

Good Carbs Gone Bad

good-carbs-vs-bad-carbsOne of the confusing things about carbohydrates is difference between whole and refined foods. Whole grains are a good example. When a grain is refined, the nutrients and fiber have been taken from it making it quick to digest and less nutritious. Let’s look at the making of white bread flour: A whole wheat kernel with all its parts includes the bran, the endosperm, and the germ. The bran gives us fiber which has many digestive benefits including slowing the breakdown of the food and the absorption of fat. And the germ is the part that has the most nutrients. But when whole wheat is refined to make white flour the bran and germ are removed, leaving just the less nutritious endosperm.

06_18_Visual for Nautilus Blog PostThe refining process is applied to other nutritious whole grains like corn and rice as well. Many of us only experience these formerly nutritious whole grains when are turned into refined flour and used to make processed foods like commercial breakfast cereals, breads, tortillas, white rice and Junk food. These denatured carbs are not likely to help you sustain your energy.

So the truly bad carbohydrates are the ones that offer little in the way of nutrition and pump a lot of simple, energy-destabilizing sugars into the body. Examples of bad, bad carb foods are those made with refined sugar and refined flour like candy, cake, muffins and white bread — no nutrients and no steady energy.

Get Good Carb Energy


My favorite image for carbohydrate digestion is to think of a campfire. Complex carbs are like good logs. They catch easily and burn steadily for a long time. The bad, simple carbs are like dry tender. When we put them into our digestive fire they flare up quickly and then burn out leaving us with little to run on. As always, consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.


It Starts from the Inside Out!!!

facebook_1478263075463It’s not about a number on a scale or fitting into a small pair of jeans or even wearing a bathing suit. Those are all great things to achieve on your journey but it’s ultimately about HEALTH!This is a body scan of a 250 lb woman & 130 lb woman. If this isn’t motivation to change habits, get healthy and eat right, I don’t know what is! See the fat around the heart & brain and the difference in sizes of the stomach & intestine. Also, the knee joints….

Carrying extra pounds may not look attractive from the outside, you may even be okay with it, but now you can see the havoc it wreaks on your insides. Ready? Let’s go!

Reason enough to start Healthy Habits with eating right?   One way to help to curb your Carbs is start each morning with a Valentus SlimRoast or Valentus Trim!

Can step it up even further with the Valentus 12in24 Lifestyle  Plan!    With the 12in24 Plan, you drink each morning (6 mornings a week) either Valentus SlimRoast coffee or Trim (if you don’t like coffee).  Eat a healthy LCHF, Paleo or Keto breakfast (30 -45 mins after your morning drink).  Eat a healthy LCHF, Paleo or Keto lunch.  Anytime in the afternoon from 3pm until 30 -45 mins before your healthy choice dinner, drink a Trim or Energy drink to help get you through the rest of the evening!  Your healthy meal with choice of LCHF, Paleo or Keto Diet plan, you be on your way to losing that excess weight!   Finishing your evening off with an Immune Boost just before bed, helps give you the ability to have a restful sleep!
With the 12in24 Lifestyle Plan, you simply lose either 12 lbs or 12 inches in 24 days!
So what are you waiting for?  Start  right, healthy with either the LCHF, Keto-genic or Paleo diets, basically eating healthy!

Here are some links you can check out for the different types of diets:

Paleo Diet Plan :- Paleo 101 Plan- is a Moderate to High Fat; Moderate to Low Carb diet plan!   Paleo 101 gives you a complete beginners guide to the LCFH and easy to understand!
LCHF:-Eat Low Carb High Fat –  As in all Low Carb diets the key is to eat low carbs to try to get the blood sugar levels on a stable and low level. With low blood sugar less insulin is “produced” and less fat is stored in your body. The body uses the fat as fule instead of carbs and if you are overweight you starts loosing body fat.
Keto-Genic: – Is a highly intense Low carb, High Fat and Moderate Protein Diet!  It was originally designed for people with Epilepsy, to help them to control and eventually stop seizures!  Now it is used to to help shed body fat!
Take a look at each type of diet and chose the diet that best suites you!   Enjoy!
And to get started on the Valentus weight loss or 12 in 24 plans:
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