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Water is the healthiest beverage possible, and if you’re vowing to drink more of it, you may need to switch it up once in awhile so you don’t get bored. Bonus, by adding healthy fruits and herbs, you’re getting the benefits of those vitamin packed goodies, too.

Some herbs will release more flavor when crushed, though this isn’t necessary. Some days I’ll throw strawberry slices and mint into my water bottle and do nothing special. Other days I’ll crush the mint, squeeze the citrus, etc. It’s up to your personal preference.

My personal favorite combination is: Lemon + Fresh Mint

Here are some other variations: Strawberry Strawberry-Mint Strawberry-Basil Strawberry-Orange Orange Orange-Cucumber-Ginger Cucumber Cucumber-Pear Cucumber-Mint Cucumber-Pear-Mint Cucumber-Melon Cucumber-Melon-Mint Watermelon-Mint Watermelon-Rosemary Lemon-Ginger Raspberry-Lemon Raspberry-Lime Raspberry-Mint Raspberry-BlackBerry-Strawberry Blackberry-Mint Blackberry-Vanilla Blackberry-Lemon Blackberry-Lemon-Mint Lime Lime-Mint Lemon-Lime-Mint Lemon-Lime Lemongrass-Mint-Vanilla Pineapple-Lime-Mint Pineapple-Lime-Raspberry Pineapple-Lime-Strawberry Pineapple-Lime Pineapple-Orange-Ginger Pineapple-Orange Grapefruit Grapefruit-Mint" with Skinny Fiber losing. I just need to tone up now. Which is going to be difficult since I refuse to exercise.

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r Please ditch all those diet drinks that are no good for you!!!

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TRY THESE INSTEAD!!! Infused waters. Here are their benefits to help with detoxification energy and hydration. Put as much fruit in water as you like and let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

1. Green tea, mint, lime-fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion and breath freshener.

2. Strawberry, kiwi-cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion.

3. Cucumber, lime, lemon- water weight management, bloating, appetite control, hydration, digestion

4. Lemon, lime, orange- digestion vitamin C, immune defense, heartburn, (Drink this one at room temperature)

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Funky Monkey Morning Smoothies

These smoothies take less than 5 minutes to whip up, and that’s just because you have to go to the pantry and such to get everything out. Lots of protein in here to keep your blood sugar stabilized, lots of potassium, and the best thing – they taste pretty similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in a drink! Woo hoo! And you can dump it in a glass and jump straight into the car without slowing down to actually sit and eat. Sorry, but time is a hot commodity! They would also be great after a workout, or for an afternoon snack for the kids. 🙂 Print this recipe!

Ingredients: (for 2 glasses) 1 (8oz) container Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk 1 large ripe banana 2 Tbsp peanut butter I used Peter Pan honey roast creamy all natural 1 ½ Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 3 Tbsp granulated sugar meant to use sugar in the raw, but forgot 1 – 1 ½ cups ice

Method: Process everything together and serve immediately. If you don’t have a blender with a strong motor, or if you want to make them up ahead of time so you won’t wake up everyone in the house with the blender, you could make them without the ice and refrigerate, then serve over ice.

8 oz vanilla soy milk + 1 large banana The great thing about this soy milk is that these individual containers can be stored unopened on the shelf in the pantry. They also have lots of protein and 50% more calcium than dairy milk.

2 Tbsp honey roasted peanut butter + 1 ½ Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

3 Tbsp sugar + 1 ½ cup ice Feel free to substitute raw sugar, honey, or your sweetener of choice. There are so many options out there these days to meet the needs of a variety of dietary restrictions!

Blend and enjoy!!

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Cheeseburger Bake (Lo Carb)

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Get Your Skinny on here:

Ingredients: 1to 1.5 lb Ground beef 1Tbs Onion Powder 2Tbs minced onions (dried) 2eggs ½ cup Mayo ¼ cup Heavy cream 8oz Cheddar cheese salt and pepper to taste. yellow mustard for top (optional added after baking) Dill hamburger pickles ( optional) as topping.

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees Toss ground beef and 1package of onion soup mix in fry pan until lightly browned and drain the grease. After draining mix together ground beef and 4 oz of cheddar cheese and place in lightly greasedpie plate. Next you will mix together eggs , mayo, heavy cream, and salt and pepper in a small bowl. After being mixed thoroughly pour mixture over beef in pie plate.. top with 4 oz remaining cheese. Bake for 30 minutes. Enjoy!!
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