Available Products Offered

Available Products offered


BioTrust Nutrition

KJensifyme offers a variety of Health and Wellness products from BioTrust Nutrition’s healthy, all natural supplements, low carb powder drinks and snacks.  With each product is offered a full 1 year money back guarantee.  You can view the products here:

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Valentus Coffee and other Weightloss Products Drinks

KJensifyme Healthy also offers weightloss coffee also known as SlimRoast.  With just 1 coffee in the morning, and if necessary, can have a second cup mid-afternoon.

If you don’t like coffee, we also offer other health drinks- Trim, Energy and Immune.  You can use either product, / 2 or more products, / or with the 12in24 Lifestyles Plan, you can use 3 or all the products.  Check all the products here:  http://www.kjensifyme.myvalentus.com